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A cozy contemporary living room in Limassol with plush green sofas, modern art, and a view of the stylish kitchen area

Modern Penthouse

   In our latest project, we reimagined boundaries of modern penthouse, extending the living space into the skies of Limassol. The transformed master bedroom, a spacious en-suite with a dedicated work area, offers expansive views of the urban tapestry below. It’s an elevation of living—literally—turning the rooftop into a luxurious retreat that opens onto a veranda, perfect for serene evenings and lively BBQs.

   Harmoniously, every room of this modern designed spaces speaks the language of understated luxury, with bespoke art and rich textures that evoke the calm of coastal life. Functionality merges with elegance in the heart of the home, the kitchen, where precision design meets marble elegance, all bathed in the warm Mediterranean glow.

   Our creation is a testament to tranquility and modern sophistication. Here, in Limassol, we’ve shaped not just a dwelling but a panoramic haven where every detail is a thread in the fabric of contemporary elegance, crafted for comfort and endless vistas.