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Materials & Furnishing
Elegance Sourced: Finding the Perfect Pieces for Your Project
Elegant dining room interior with mood board showcasing the color palette and textures used in our Interior Design Services.

     Our Materials & Furnishings service exemplifies our commitment to a comprehensive design experience. We boast a vast network that includes local and European suppliers, ensuring access to an extensive selection of high-quality resources. From lighting fixtures and luxe wallpapers to elegant marble and intricate mosaics, we offer it all. Our connections with top furniture and fabric manufacturers mean we provide a wide range of choices. Our ‘Klondike’ of resources saves clients from the tedium of hunting down the perfect pieces.

    We are attuned to each project’s unique style and budgetary needs. Thus, we carefully select and acquire only the finest Materials & Furnishings. Our expertise extends beyond choosing items—we manage every aspect of logistics, down to secure delivery. This meticulous service saves time and streamlines your decision-making, letting you enjoy the transformation journey.

     Working with leading European makers of furniture, lighting, and textiles, we can source any item from our designs. If you request a specific piece, our Materials & Furnishings service can secure it. We simplify the complex process of furnishing a space, connecting you with exclusive, high-end pieces.

     Let us curate your space with our Materials & Furnishings expertise. We handle the details, from selection to on-site delivery. Our vast network ensures we find the exact items to bring your design dreams to life. With us, your space evolves effortlessly, outfitted with the best Europe offers.

Before and after images of a space transformed by our Construction and Renovation services.