Every project starts with several meetings with client on so called “spot”, a project itself. During this time we, together with client try to finalize the main style and ideas. In order to develop the concept, we take necessary measurements and pictures of existing place, or we work out on architectural drawings if project is under construction.

By the time of the first presentation we come with proposals of how the “volume” should be divided or joined, main colours, but most important – the solutions which will make this project unique and will differ from others.

After the concept of Interior Design is accepted, we discuss very essential point of whole project – budgeting. In due course, when all trimming details are selected, we provide one full set of calculations, where client can choose desired options. 

Following to this, we start another creative part of our cooperation – selection of all trimming materials – marble/tiles, wood, lights, furniture, curtains, wallpapers and accessories. Even if you are abroad and not able to attend our meetings with suppliers, we will prepare everything and send it to you by e-mail, thus saving time of project progress.

When all mentioned above is completed and depending on Client’s request we can provide different packages of works – from simple album with sketches till 3D modelling with technical data and architect plans. We also undertake the process of construction – taking right personnel, sub-contractors, author’s supervision, etc.

Delivery of project – the most exciting part of all! Welcome your new premises into this world!

Unique  &  Conceptual  Art  of  Interior

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